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Gremlin Social Help Desk

How to Use The Gremlin Social Content Digest To Create Social Media Posts

The easiest way to create posts from the articles in your twice-weekly finance and investing news digest from your friends at Gremlin Social:

1.  From the content digest email, select an article for which you would like to create a post.

2.  Copy/paste the title and/or blurb into the text field in Gremlin Social; for example:

Retirement comes with a lot of change, and there’s one change that’s making an increasingly big difference. Find out what decision fundamentally shapes retirement.

3.  Click the link and then copy/paste the link from your browser into the text field.  

You can remove all the link info starting after the ?

3.  Schedule the post by selecting the date and time.

4.  Select the check boxes next to the social networks you wish to publish to.

5.  Apply workflows per your social media policy.

6.  Select "yes" to shorten the link on your post.

7.  Click on the "post" button.

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