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Gremlin Social Help Desk

How to add Facebook pages

First, you must add the Facebook account which owns or manages the Facebook page you wish to add. This could be an employee's personal page, or a personal page set up specifically to manage the bank page. We do not access any information on this personal account but need it to access the bank page(s).

Go to Settings > Social Networks

Either click on the Facebook Icon or click  Add Another Social Network

You will need to follow a series of prompts including entering the credentials and granting permissions / approvals for managing the account. We do not conduct any management on the personal account, but we need these permissions to access the business account.

Once you have completed the process, go to the Facebook pages option under the Settings menu.  Settings > Facebook Pages. Once there, you will see a listing of all of the business Facebook pages currently in the system.  

To add another one, click on “Add Another Facebook Page”. You will be provided with a list of all of the Facebook pages that are available to be managed under the personal account.  Click on the plus (+) icon next to the Facebook page you wish to add.

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