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Gremlin Social Help Desk

Social Network Management

Management of social networks is found under the “Social Networks” option on the Settings menu.  

·      On the Social Networks page, click the “Add Social Network” button.

·      Click on the icon for the social network you wish to add.  You will be taken to the social network’s specific website, which may require you to login and accept the permissions which Gremlin Social asks for in order to gain access to your data.  

At the conclusion of that process you will be taken back to Gremlin Social and the social network will appear in the list of social networks.

Gremlin Social has both listening and management capabilities on: 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
Gremlin Social has listening capabilities on:

  •  WordPress
  • Instagram. 

To add social networks, from the Settings Menu, click on Social Networks.

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